If you want
things to
change, then
you have to

Do you remember when you first tried it?

It was just a little bit, every now and then… But pretty soon it evolved into a serious habit.

You’re not alone.

The concept of The Great Aussie Credit Crush is to attract 100,000 Aussies to destroy their credit card and pledge their commitment to paying off the debt.

To join the Great Aussie Credit Crush:

Destroy your credit card or cancel your Buy Now Pay Later account
Set your own target – how much you will pay off, and when
Start paying off the debt!
Sign up for weekly helpful hint emails from our support team and join our Facebook group
Say it out loud and hold yourself accountable and get support from your friends. Upload a picture to @greataussiecreditcrush using #crushmycredit
Celebrate the milestone of meeting your goal 
$50 billion worth of credit debt $50 billion worth of credit debt
Australians are in credit debt to the tune of $50 billion
86% of Australians have been subject to additional charges relating to their credit card
The average Australian has $363 debt to a Buy Now Pay Later service
Stress related to credit debt Stress related to credit debt
2 in 5 Australians experience stress related to their credit debt

Crush your credit and say goodbye to the stress of bad debt.

Don’t let the banks profit from your bad decisions.

Debt doesn’t have to be part of your life.

The Great Aussie Credit Crush gives you the support you need to stay motivated - and the practical tips to help you make better choices with your money.

This isn’t magic.

There is no instant fix to past mistakes.

Great Aussie Credit Crush is about delivering the practical support and tips you need to teach you a better way of managing your money.

Get off the debt treadmill that gives you short-term gratification and long-term stress.

The Great Aussie Credit Crush helps you take control.

Join us and make the commitment to
crush your credit
Commit to crush your credit and receive ongoing tips to help you start living debt-free.

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