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your debt

Join us and make the commitment to
crush your credit
Commit to crush your credit and receive ongoing tips to help you start living debt-free.

Breaking old habits can be hard.

We get it - and we’re here to help.

Low levels of financial literacy and cash flow management skills have made it difficult for you to understand the smartest way to handle your money habits but with the information we share, you can turn things around - and say goodbye to credit debt forever.

Feeling supported and encouraged gives you that boost of confidence - and commitment - you need to get your new and improved, debt-free lifestyle in control.

When you connect with our Great Aussie Credit Crush community, it’s about finding your tribe and the feeling that you’re not doing this alone.

We’re in it - together - and we believe you can commit to crush your debt and live a better life, without those old money worries that have a negative impact on your wealth and your health.

It’s not about fixing your finances overnight.

But, when you commit to crush your debt, you will make a difference - and things will start to get better.

Old stresses about unpaid bills will disappear.

You will watch your savings grow and experience the joy of seeing those old debts paid down - for good.

When you start a weight loss plan, or a fitness regime, the results don’t happen overnight.

Dealing with your debt addiction is the same.

We created the Great Aussie Credit Crush to help you feel supported and motivated.

We know everyone needs to be cheered on from the sidelines, at times.

At the moment, you know there is a debt problem in your life and by taking the time to read this, you’ve already proven you want to change it.

By becoming part of our Great Aussie Credit Crush tribe, you really can.


Crushing your credit is possible.

But it needs your commitment.

Being honest with yourself is the first step.

That’s the truth.

We can guide you, educate you, be here for you when you need us but the only real way to take control is to actually take control.

With a sound financial plan in place, your life will be happier and less stressful.

If you’re ready to give it a go, we’re here for you.

Let’s do this.

Say goodbye to bad debt.

Join our Great Aussie Credit Crush.

Because your life can be better.

And we can help...

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