Time to crush
your excuses

Start crushing your excuses by writing them down and checking them against our list of excuse crushers.

Just because you’ve always done something one way in the past, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it like that in the future.

Before you can really crush your debt, it’s time to
crush your excuses.

We've debunked the most popular excuses people hide behind for why they need credit to survive.
I use my credit card for the points. I still pay it off every month.
If you believe the points banks give you for paying your debt ‘on time’ are a reward, think again. Banks are publicly-listed companies with a clear focus on profits - and lots of them. Those reward points you earn are a marketing tool to keep you addicted to debt. Once you see things more clearly, there’s one easy solution: stop buying.

I need a credit card to improve my credit score.

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, or major loan, a solid savings history and proof you can live within your means and pay your bills on time is far more powerful than any ‘credit score’. Don’t be fooled again. You’re smarter than that.

My spouse takes care of the money.

That might seem okay for now. But what happens to you if something happens to them? Unfortunately, relationships can end and unexpected health issues, or accidents, can have a devastating impact. Taking responsibility for your own financial future is part of growing up. By taking ownership of the way decisions you make can help you create a better future, you learn how to spend differently - and save differently too.

I need a credit card for a rainy day.

Unless you actually need to buy an umbrella, this is just another excuse.

Practise conscious spending and saving. Live within your means, with a 20% profit margin each month. By saving this 20% with a smart, high-interest earning strategy, you can watch your money grow, rather than worry about your debt growing.

I have insurances linked to my credit card and I rely on them for shopping and travel.

So, let’s get this straight... Do you honestly believe that your best possible insurance deals are being offered by banks who make profits from your debt decisions? Please don’t let yourself be fooled. You can do better and save more money - without linking insurances to your credit card.

I don't earn enough money to put myself in a position to be without a credit card.

If this is the way you currently live your life, then, really, you already know this is a problem. Living within your means is the only sustainable way to say goodbye to debt. Reducing your spending and sticking to a realistic budget is the first important step to nurturing a better relationship with money.

It is not the right time to push myself to make the change.

Seriously? Is that all you’ve got? Ask yourself this question - and be honest:

When will that ‘right’ time magically appear? When you are even further in debt? Ever heard the term ‘slippery slope’? You’re on it, whether you’re ready to admit it or not. We can help you change direction and get off the debt treadmill. Or, you can ignore the truth and let it all get worse...

I think the money thing is all too hard, I will never understand it.

This is your opportunity to empower yourself. Being in control is always a better choice. Yes, learning about ‘the money thing’ might seem overwhelming at first but with just a little time and effort, it will all become clearer - and you’ll wonder why you never changed your habits years ago.

I need some excitement in my life, if an opportunity comes up, I want to be able to take it.

Remember: you are an adult. That shiny thing you want now is not something you ‘need’. If excitement is important to you, there are much better ways to find it than gambling on whether you can afford your rental or mortgage payments this month. Have you ever thought of skydiving? You wouldn’t do it without a parachute, though, right? So, stop living your life without a financial safety net. Strategic budgeting that helps you make conscious decisions about when to spend and what to spend on, is about creating financial stability. And that equals real freedom that gives you the confidence to seek your excitement in more meaningful ways.

I don't have the time to change my auto repayments.

Ummmmm...How much time did you spend on social media this week? Or waiting for your barista to make your favourite coffee? Find just a few minutes each day and tackle them, one repayment at a time. And if you really can’t remember all the details of what you owe - and to who - then that’s a crystal clear sign you need to change the way you handle your finances. Go on. Close that credit card. It won’t hurt a bit. The next step is dealing with your debt like a grown-up, but we can get that to bit soon...

I don't want to miss out on *insert tempting new product here*.

Reality check. FOMO is a feeling you can overcome. Wanting to feel good, or somehow important, simply because you have the latest, greatest, popular new product is all about marketing. You’ve been sold to and you believe you must buy - now!

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services are growing, with around 40% of Australians we surveyed ranking it in their top three frequently used payment methods. The inevitable outcome to this alarming habit is even more debt - and more stress. But there is another way.

Be patient. Be smarter. We’re not saying don’t ever own it. But by learning the value of delayed gratification, you can save your actual money to buy that item (or not…). No debt. No stress. All satisfaction. And if you can’t imagine a time when you will afford it, that’s okay too. You’ll survive. We promise.

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