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Learning how to live without debt needs a strong mindset and motivation.

After all, you’ve lived your life watching your friends and family take on debt and it seemed natural to get stuck in your own debt cycle too.

This is not the time to apologise or feel guilty for debt decisions you’ve made in the past.

What you need to do now is move on and create a better future, with a more realistic understanding of the negative impact debt can have on your life - and how you can create new habits that help you say goodbye to bad spending habits and the debt that comes with them.

Here’s an undeniable fact: Banks and brands want your business. That’s how they survive.

But those marketing strategies that have worked on you in the past - convincing you to spend more, buy now, pay later and feel good - aren’t telling you the truth.

In your heart, you know what the truth is already. Your financial management will be better off if you stop living above your means and actually work with the money you earn, rather than the money you need to owe in inflated interest rates.

Feelings of FOMO and a desire to keep up with the Jones’ that so many respondents in our Great Credit Crush Research Report admitted to feeling is just not worth it.

Now it’s time for your head to help you create a new way to handle your money.

Deciding you want to have a goal is only the beginning.

Making it a viable reality you can achieve is the only thing that counts.

There are lots of reasons that people have a goal in mind  but never reach it.

By understanding the distractions that veer you off your course of debt-free living, you can learn how to resist temptation, stay on-track and be strong enough to stay in control.

When you are part of the Great Aussie Credit Crush, we help you focus on the life you want - and give you the practical tips, strategies and all-important support that helps you make it happen.

It’s about playing the long game and celebrating the small wins along the way.

Win or learn. Never lose.

Become part of our Great Aussie Credit Crush community today.

It’s the most positive step you can take towards a different tomorrow.

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